1 F
一层为开放式展示空间。集合 Mock-up Space、大型艺术装置、演讲与交流等时尚艺术形态的空间。设计的灵感来自Theaster Gates的作品 < Listening Studio >,他将旧的柜子改造后重新利用,设计为小而别致的展示单元,新旧元素相互碰撞,不为空间设界限,加之音乐所传递的讯息,这里是认知B1OCK的形象入口。 1F will be an open display space with large art installations, and will also integrate Mock-up space, speech and communication space, etc. The space design is inspired by Theaster Gates' works "Listening Studio". He has rebuilt old cabinets and designed them into small but unique exhibition units. Here, old and new elements collide with each other and the space has no limit. With messages conveyed through music, here will become the iconic entrance for people to understand the whole fashion boutique.