4 F
四层主营 HIGH STREET 品牌,以街头和年轻状态呈现。陈列及道具方面都将增加动线的引导。 Theaster Gates 在该楼层将大量运用金属与玻璃等材质,大块面的玻璃甚或是优雅曲线状的金属,对空间进行有节奏的区隔,尤其是带有金属边框的玻璃面,把空间切割成更丰富的多面体,为经典男装空间打造通透、干净、开放的视觉感。 4F mainly focuses on HIGH STREET brands. The whole merchandise image is partial to streets and youth. Travel lines are provided to display and props for guidance. Theaster Gates will use a large amount of metal and glass on this floor. Large glass or even elegantly curved metal can rhythmically separate the space. Especially that glass with a metal frame can divide the space into richer polyhedrons, thus creating a thorough, clean and open vision for the classic men’s wear space.