9 F
九层作为品牌和产品的延伸空间,将持续探索与顾客的互动模式。B1OCK Lab 兼备产品加工与创意开发,是一间新型复合型工坊。定制化加工包含产品定制、印花、刺绣等。 而创意开发,旨在扩大个人创造的可能性, 展开实验性的企划。 9F is the space extended for brands and products, which keeps exploring the way to interact with customers. As a compound workshop combining product processing and creative development, the customized processing of B1OCK Lab includes product customization, printing and embroidery, etc. However, creative development is an experimental program, aiming to extend possibilities for individual creation. Through the printer, cutter and other machine tools that are provided, customers interested in machinery and product development may have access to digital manufacturing technologies.