2 F
Theaster Gates 从 Axel Vervoordt 茶室的设计作品中吸取艺术灵感,安静、惬意、充满东方意味的饮茶室将成为2F 的空间氛围基调。不去过度修饰的木材保留了原本的质感,在空间中以不同形式出现,结合墙面艺术装置,以及优雅且奉行极简主义的衣架展示系统,构成放松、自然的空间语境。
2F mainly focuses on classic designer brands for both man and woman clothing. The whole merchandise image is partial to profession, maturity and sense of quality.
Theaster Gates draws artistic inspiration from the design works of the Axel Vervoordt Teahouse. Tranquil and cozy teahouse of an oriental flavor will set the atmosphere for 2F. Wood that is not over-decorated retains its original texture and appears in the space in different forms. Together with wall art installations, elegant and minimalist hanger display systems, a relaxed and natural spatial context is created.