3 F
三层主营当代男女装设计师品牌,整体货品形象偏向年轻、先锋、趣味化。 板岩、木头、 金属是 Theaster Gates 在 3F 设计中选用的三种主要材料语言,灵感来源于它的艺术作品。 艺术家把在建筑外墙更常⻅的板岩引入到室内大面积使用,自然的光线与强烈的材质肌理互动,在室内重现室外的光影意向,通过某种内在的意境与陈列其中的经典女装达成了呼应。 3F mainly focuses on contemporary men and women designer brands. The whole merchandise image is partial to youth, cutting edge and fun. Slate, wood and metal are three main material languages that Theaster Gates chooses in the design for 3F, inspired by his artwork. The Artist introduces slate, which is more common for the outer wall of buildings, into the indoor area for large-scale application. Natural light interacts with apparent material texture to reproduce outdoor light and shadow intentions indoor, which matches with the exhibited classic women clothing in some intrinsic context.