6 F
在这一层,Theaster Gates带来了一个不断突破想象力边界的空间,他选用纸、织物、纤 维、毛毡等材料,大胆进行各种尝试:轻盈的纸,光与⻛,不同织物色彩的相撞,不循常理的组合,为空间铺垫了故事发生的可能;包括单独设置的休息区,同样充斥着艺术灵感。没有指引的动线与有趣的空间设计也增加了购物的自由度。
6F is a curatorial retail space in cooperation with D&DEPARTMENT, focusing on household supplies and life aesthetics. Classic design commodities from different countries will be presented for each period according to the theme.
On this floor, Theaster Gates will bring a space that constantly breaks through the boundaries of imagination. He uses paper fabric, fiber, felt and other materials to make bold attempts: lightsome paper, light and wind, the contrast of colors for different fabrics, and unusual combinations have paved the possibility for different stories. Even the separate seating area is also filled with artistic inspiration. With no travel lines for guidance, funny space design enhances the freedom for shopping.